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Unifying Londoners through Sports


We are a sports marketing agency that specialises in marketing to a diverse Gen Z audience. We create winning strategies and campaigns that speak to Gen Z the way they want to be spoken to. We keep diversity at the heart of everything we do from who we work with, the content we produce and the sports we cover.


The primary goal of this event was to provide an experience for Londoners to come together and participate in sports they usually don’t participate in. We  wanted our participants to reap the social, physical and mental health benefits of engaging in sport.

The sports day was a huge success, with over 200 people coming down to watch or take part in the activities. The sports day offered a variety of activities, including rounders, 100m sprints, relay races, and tug of war. These sports promoting both physical activity and social interaction among the spectators.

The partnership between Divrse Media, Adidas and Stride was vital in making this sports day a success. Stride helped the events run smoothly by taking participants through stretches and warm ups and explaining the rules of each activity. While Adidas’ involvement added a layer of excitement and prestige to the sports day. Adidas provided high-quality sports gear, footwear, and accessories as prizes for the winners and top performers in each category.


We are excited to build on this success in future and continue promoting unity and healthy lifestyles within our community.

The sports day demonstrated the importance of community led events and thoughtful event planning. Through this we were able to introduce participants to sports activities they haven’t participated in before or  in a while and get them to exercise whilst still having fun. The support we received from Adidas was essential as it allowed us to make this a free event, removoing barriers in place that usually tend to stop people from participating in sport..

Overall, the DM Sports Day left a lasting impact, establishing itself as an annual event eagerly anticipated by the community.


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