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We help athletes reach their potential beyond the game

We are an athlete-first sports marketing agency that helps athletes connect with younger and diverse audiences

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Divrse Media has been able to execute my vision and expand it. They were able to cleverly create a site that was easy to use, highly functional and seamless, just as I had asked. A huge thank you to the Divrse Media team for going above and beyond to meet my needs - I can’t wait to see what else we achieve in the future.

Alex Iwobi (Project 17)


Divrse Media were absolutely incredible with the creation of my branding content, they intent with providing the best service and it also came it time. Pricing was excellent and I strongly recommend them.

Michael Ogunleye


Absolute 5 star service, the team is very good with communication, they are extremely receptive and will always attend and adapt to your needs in whichever way they can. The quality of the website produced is also top-notch, I can confidently say this is one of the best investments I have made so far in my business!!!



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