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Alex Iwobi x Beder

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We partnered with Beder, a mental heath and suicide preventation charity. Beder takes a unique approach to softly raising awareness around important societal issues bringing people together who share similar interests through a range of events and initiatives in order to reduce the number of people suffering in silence and feeling that taking their own life is the only option.

As Alex Iwobi is a big advocate for mental health and mens mental health, this was a great opportunity to partner with a great charity doing a lot to break the stigma around mens mental health. We believed the best way we could do this was through a panel discussion. We had Mayowa Quadri host the panel discussion and was joined by Marvin Sordell, former English professional player. The two reflected and discussed their mental health journey as professional football players.

Alex’s words –

"I feel like as men, especially black men, society makes us feel as if we cannot speak up and if you do you are weak. Be OK being vulnerable, there is nothing wrong with it. There is nothing wrong with telling people 'I'm not all right in the world, It is only going through life - and there is so much trauma in young black men - that if you speak about it you'd be able to navigate it."

We are honoured to have been able to put together such an enlightening and empowering discussion.


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