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Alex Iwobi Tik Tok

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The Result

Through partnering with TikTok we were able to have Alex setup on TikTok, verified before launch. We launched with two videos showing the different parts of Alex's world; football and  fashion both videos racked up 302,500 views.


The Client

Our Client, Alex Iwobi, is a Nigerian and Everton footballer, who came to us to grow his brand and digital presence. We wanted to get him set up on Tiktok and take advantage of the new platform.

Our Goal

From the start of the campaign we set out three goals for Alex Iwobi:

  • Grow his social presence on Tiktok
  • Giving fans more of an insight into his life
  • Growing his fanbase and expanding his current fanbase to not just football fans.

Our Process

We created a bespoke TikTok strategy for Alex, this included clear goals, key performance indicators and a content calendar. We also coached Alex to get more comfortable with the platform.


Other work we`ve done

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