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The Challenge

Alex approached us to help him with his marketing and branding for Project 17. He needed a strategy to ensure he has a clear path to success in this new uncharted territory. The strategy needed to include a clear goal, objectives and measures of success.

In order for Alex to achieve greater success, the team put together an airtight marketing plan for Project 17 for 2021/22. The aim was for Alex to establish his core fan base and build an extremely engaged community.

We saw a niche Alex could own and become a prominent figure in. As many British footballers do not put much of their personality out there, we thought this is an amazing opportunity for Alex to do so and show he has much more to offer the world than just his skills on the pitch.

We got clear on Alex and Project 17’s brand story in order to send a unified and clear message to his audience and we decided on his channels of communication and methods of engagement.

We also designed and built a website for Alex and Project 17, with the aim of creating a platform for fans and followers to connect with him and get the latest information on his activity. 

The website would function as a hub containing information on Alex - including his story, career highlights, social media channels and updates, as well as all things Project 17. The responsiveness and ease of use of the new site was important to the client, along with a seamless design that ensured a smooth user experience. 

It was crucial to the client that the website was fun and interactive whilst concise, so that all the different information on the website was easily digestible.  

The Client

Alexander Iwobi is a professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for both Premier League club Everton and the Nigerian national team. His career began at Arsenal where he established himself as a talented and key member of the team. He made 149 appearances, scored 15 goals and won the FA Cup with Arsenal in 2017, before transferring to Everton in 2019. 

Alex prides himself on helping others and supporting his community. Driven by his passion to inspire young people in achieving their goals, ‘Project 17’ was born. The project premiered on YouTube on February 8, 2021, with the aim of sharing all that he had learnt on the pitch, along with some off-the-pitch moments for his fans and followers to get to know him better. 

The Result

Divrse Media scoped the entire project, which involved studying the main objectives, analysing the target audience using insights provided by our intelligence team, developing a mood board and formulating an in-depth strategy, that would ensure each and every one of the client’s requirements were met.

We then designed and built a highly functional website, incorporating motion graphics, timelines and social media feed integration to present information in the most clear and appealing way possible as requested by the client.  

Now we are providing digital marketing services for all the sports including - Athlete, Sports, Branding, Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Football, Formula 1, Racing, American football, Rugby, strategic perspective.

Client Quote

I can definitely say I made the right decision in choosing Divrse Media for this project. I was particularly impressed by their professionalism and thoroughness throughout. After just our first zoom call, I felt completely at ease knowing all my needs had been completely understood and were in the hands of an experienced, dedicated and friendly team. 
They were completely transparent with their process and met every deadline set, whilst maintaining constant communication. Divrse Media has been able to execute my vision and expand it. The website was everything I had asked for and more. They were able to cleverly create a site that was easy to use, highly functional and seamless, just as I had asked. 
A huge thank you to the Divrse Media team for going above and beyond to meet my needs - I’m excited to see what else we achieve in the future.


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